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Cherokee Presbytery gathers four times each year for worship and business.  Our next stated meeting will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at First Presbyterian Church of Cedartown.

You can register as a commissioner or a guest for this meeting by clicking here.  You can also make a reservation for childcare which is provided at no charge but requires advance reservations.

The handbook for our next meeting will be published here on February 17, 2016.



Cherokee Presbytery, in union with her congregations and the wider Presbyterian Church(USA) confesses her faith when she bears a present witness to God’s grace in Jesus Christ. (1)  Realizing that all organizations are marked by human sin and error, this witness is, nonetheless presented as a holy expression of God’s will for the world, a call to unity in that expression, and obedience to the Lordship of Christ in all times and places.

We confess our own need for God’s continuing redemption of our lives as a community and as individuals. (2)  Throughout history, God’s people have found their way only haltingly as they have moved toward the Kingdom.  Seeking to find God’s will, we have consistently marred it with our own agendas and desires.  This has resulted in a blurred vision of God’s grace and an inconsistent witness to God’s work in the world. (3)

Nonetheless, we are called out and empowered by the Spirit of God to be a holy expression of God’s intention for the world. (4) (5) Trusting in God’s grace, we seek to discern God’s intention through prayer, outreach, worship, education, and reformation. (6)  Rejoicing in God’s presence, we seek to meet God where God is already at work, affirming our Historic Principles and the Great Ends of the Church. (7)  Confident of God’s Providence, we boldly continue to express God’s love and intention, knowing that the One Who has called us will surely equip us for the work to which we are called.

We are called to unity in demonstrating this expression.  From Biblical times, God has worked in individuals, but also in communities.  God has called together those whom God has chosen, first in Israel and now in the New Israel, the Church. (8) (9)  The unity of the Church is not seen in unanimity of agreement on all questions, rather in the recognition of our common bond in service to Christ.  This unity functions to bind us together in spite of disagreements which may arise so that our Lord may be glorified in all, by all. (10)

The future of the Church and the world are solely in the hands of God. (11)  Assured of God’s ultimate redemption of all creation, we gladly join hearts and hands with each other as the Church Reformed, Always Being Reformed. (12)  Celebrating the journey of faith as God’s Children, we approach the time to come with confidence, joy and hope.

Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

– Submitted by the Cherokee Presbytery Vision Team and adopted by the body August 26, 2008.