(re)Creation An Outreach to Recreational Enthusiasts in Northwest Georgia

Recreation final

The Cherokee Natives who once called our presbytery home named the mountains around us “the Great Blue Hills of God.” For centuries, women and men have come here for  inspiration  and  connection  to  the creation and the Creator.


How will we welcome them?



Recreation is our opportunity to bear witness to the One who called forth these hills, shaped these mountains, and poured out these rivers by providing opportunities for reflection, worship, and relationship in the midst of the created world.



Through hikes, outdoor worship, picnics, and even  high adventure activities like rock climbing and whitewater paddling, we will join others in experiencing God and Christian community in the midst of creation and extend our mission beyond our sanctuaries and into the world right out our back door.



For ourselves and with the people we meet, our hope is to develop rhythms that honor creation and sustain life. Participants will share regular worship, study, fellowship, play, and rest so that we may be remade in the image of God.



 When we follow Jesus, we walk dusty trails, take our rest under the shelter of a tree, and look for the ways God is speaking to us in the canon of Creation. We need nothing more than a decent pair of shoes to get going. God is at work in the world and God’s people are waiting for us right out our back door.


Through a gift from First Presbyterian Church in Marietta and with funds previously set aside for outdoor ministry through the CRCC, Cherokee Presbytery will soon begin meeting the people who come to our presbytery to play and to pause. We have identified several congregations to participate in a year of pilot events.

If you are interested in being a part of our planning or in serving as a missionary right here in  our  recreational areas,  contact Mission Coordinator Nikki Collins MacMillan or Community Connections Team Moderator David Jordan.

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