Congregational Revitalization Coaching

                              Is it time for your congregation to imagine what comes next? Do you feel like God is calling you to SOMETHING but you don’t know what? Are you stuck doing the same things, the same ways, and getting the same […]

When Who You Are Drives What You Do

    Pastor Will Scott of First Presbyterian Church of Dalton was asked about how his congregation connects with the larger Dalton community and how they have discovered the ways and places God is calling them to join in Holy work.  Scott writes: “I’m not sure any changes in our mission come from the wider […]

Holy Spirit Moves at Camp Cherokee

    Just a few of the many wonderful ways we saw the Holy Spirit at working among us at Camp Cherokee 2016     When we suddenly found ourselves without two vital staff positions, it was a joy to experience the response of so many persons being helpful and answering “calls”. Some examples are: […]

Talking to Strangers

For most of us, the caution of well-meaning adults is embedded deep in our bones. “Don’t talk to strangers.” From fear of being hurt to a concern we might be misunderstood or launch a debate we did not intend, or on some days just plain laziness, we just to avoid starting a conversation with someone […]

Babylon, Downtown Abbey, and Presbyterians

Word is there is a big season finale coming up tomorrow night. I have to admit I was a latecomer to the Downton Abbey craze – if public television viewers are capable of a craze. It’s more like Presbyterians responsible for a pep rally, very dignified enthusiasm. For a few seasons, I made fun of […]

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